About Us

Unlimited Potential  was founded in 1985 as a grassroots non-profit agency serving primarily parents in South Phoenix. Our programs have grown out of community needs to address adult functional illiteracy, unemployment and resulting family problems. 

About Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential was founded in 1985 to address the needs of low income women in South Phoenix. Women wanted to enhance their literacy in order to actively support the education and health of their children. Thus, a volunteer program was initiated for parents and children. Parents increased their literacy and learned valuable life skills while their children engaged in activities to promote. As demand for service grew, founder Jeanne Devine sought funding and participants engaged in advocacy convincing funders of the need for educational services for low income families. From the roots of necessity Unlimited Potential was born.

Annually more than 800 individuals benefit from programming; the majority are Latino, economically challenged, Spanish speaking women and children. Participants seek to enhance their English and educational skills with the goal of providing for their families and supporting the success of the next generation.
– English as a Second Language Courses
– General Education Degree Classes
– Early Childhood Program
– Promotora Program
– Abriendo Puertas

We believe that:

– All people have the right to have their basic human needs met. All people have the right to a quality education.
– Different languages and cultures should be celebrated.
– All people should be treated with love, respect, and integrity.
– Given the opportunity people can acquire the skills necessary to overcome economic and social barriers and become proactive in changing their lives and community. People have the capacity and social responsibility to create communities that promote the healthy development of future generations.
– Through perseverance we can achieve social justice.