Our Programs

Adult and Early Childhood Education Programs

English as a second language classes (ESL)
Introductory and advanced ESL classes are provided four days a week, three hours daily. Participants increase English literacy skills while learning functional life skills. Classes incorporate financial literacy, computer classes, health education, civics education, and information about community resources and early childhood development. Participants acquire skills to advocate for the wellbeing of their families and are prepared to negotiate their lives, secure employment, pursue educational goals, support the education of their children, and civically engage in their communities. Evening classes are also available. Annually, 100-120 adults participate in classes.

General Education Development (GED)
GED classes are provided in Spanish and include instruction, interactive problem solving, access to a computer lab so participants can practice/develop computer skills and the opportunity to take subject area practice exams in Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Civics Education. This is a 48-week program, each subject area is covered for 8-10 weeks. Participants are prepared to secure their GED Certificate. Morning and evening classes available. Annually, 100 adults participate in classes.

Early Childhood Development Program
While parents increase their English and educational skills, their young children participate in our toddler and preschool classes. Teachers create a safe environment where children engage in play, exploration, self-expression, and age-appropriate activities that foster development. This dual language program affirms participants’ native language of Spanish and introduces them to English. Children build the foundation and kindergarten readiness skills necessary to achieve academically and lead healthy lives. Annually, 40-50 children participate in the program.

Continuing Education Program
Graduates of ESL classes are eligible to receive a scholarship to continue their education at South Mountain Community College. First generation college bound participants receive support and mentoring. Annually, 5-10 individuals receive scholarships.

“Unlimited Potential has greatly impacted my life. I improved my English. I may not speak perfectly but people understand me and I them. I can have conversations with my children and help them with their homework. They even tell me jokes because they know I understand them. I aspire to continue my studies and become a social worker. Helping others is my focus. I am different now and believe I will achieve my goals.”
-Adult Education Participant